Leadership Opportunity

CWC Kansas City will launch a new middle school model in the Fall of 2019!  To support that launch, we are hiring a Middle School Principal to start in the Fall of 2018.  Please click below for more information and to apply!

Middle School Principal ~ Job Description ~ Apply Here!


2018 Summer School

We are launching a Summer School Program!  Available positions are listed below:

Summer School Classroom Teacher - K/1st/2nd Grades ~ Job Description ~ Apply Here!

Please note:  If you have already applied for another 2018-2019 position and would also like to be considered for a 2018 Summer School position, simply email [careers@cwckansascity.org] and let us know.  This will have no bearing/impact on your 2018-2019 application, but will simply save some application time.  Thank you.

2018-2019 School Year

We are expanding to Third Grade!  Available positions are listed below:

Classroom Teacher - 1st/2nd Grade Loop ~ Job Description ~ Apply Here!

Kindergarten Teaching Associate ~ Job Description ~ Apply Here!

Music Teacher ~ Job Description ~ Apply Here!

Special Education Teacher ~ Job Description ~ Apply Here!

All applications will need to be submitted through the TalentEd portal, located here!

The start date for most positions will be in late July.  

Please feel free to check this page as additional openings may be posted.


2017-2018 School Year 

We are excited to post the following positions: 

After-School (ACE) Teacher - part time, 10-month position, non-benefited.  Apply here!


Otherwise, we have hired all positions for the school year; please visit the "Our Team" page to learn more! 

Please email careers@cwckansascity.org with any employment-related questions.