Nutrition at CWC Kansas City


Physical health is not only important in its own right, but a critical component of a child’s healthy cognitive, social and emotional growth and development. Therefore, at CWCKC, we focus on ensuring that children are well-fed with nutritious and balanced meals and snacks throughout the day.

  • Every child has access to our breakfast program.
  • Every child will take part in a snack break during morning reading period.  Children will relax, enjoy a snack, and listen to a read-aloud story from their teacher.
  • Every child will have lunch in our multi-purpose room. Children have the option of eating our hot lunch or bringing a lunch from home.
  • Children who stay after school in our ACE program can either bring or receive a snack.

Please read this section carefully so that you understand the needs, opportunities, and requirements of each daily experience.

Breakfast and Lunch

Families may purchase breakfast or lunch for their child.  All children whose family qualifies (based on their income) will receive a free or reduced-price meal through the National School Lunch Program. Applications for the NSLP will soon be available on our website and can be completed and turned in to the school office.  Our healthy breakfast and lunch is prepared by American Dining Creations.  Food is delivered to the school and served to children on a plate.  Monthly menus will be posted on our CWCKC website.

Lunch costs $3.80/meal and must be ordered by the week for $19.00 total/week.

Breakfast costs $2.50/meal and must be ordered by the week for $12.50 total/week.

Milk is included in the price of a meal OR can be purchased separately for $0.50/carton.  (We will offer milk purchases on a daily basis. We will sell milk to students who have not ordered lunch until we run out, so please do your best to inform us in advance if you plan to purchase milk regularly.)


Children will eat snack at mid-morning. Snacks packed and brought from home should be packed separately from all other items, in a bag or small lunch box, so it can be carried by the child to his/her reading area.  A morning snack should be a small, healthy serving of one item and some water to drink.  Please do not pack a full meal for snack time; there is not adequate time or space to eat it, and lunchtime follows within 2 hours.  We are a healthy school and as such, ask that children bring healthy foods if they bring lunch or snack.  A list of nutritious, tasty, and easy to manage food ideas is here - but we know there are many more!  These are just some ideas to help get you thinking!  We discourage foods that contain high levels of sugar, salt, MSG, food coloring, and other additives.  If a food is considered “dessert” please save it at home for after school or dinner.  Candy, cookies, cake, pudding, and chocolate covered bars get eaten instead of the healthy foods you pack that are needed to nourish the mind and body for learning and playing!

Only water should be sent for a snack drink. Do not send juice or carbonated beverages. In addition, snack is eaten in the classroom and spills sometimes happen.  

For health reasons, such as allergic conditions, DO NOT SEND ANY ITEMS CONTAINING PEANUTS.  In addition, we will teach the children that food items may never be shared.  This lesson will come within our curriculum to reinforce that this is an issue of kindness and consideration for others’ well being.

National School Lunch Program

Families are eligible for Free & Reduced Meals through the National School Lunch Program; this eligibility is income-based and determined by Federal guidelines.  Please download an application here and submit it to the school for a determination on eligibility.