CWC Kansas City’s model of curriculum and instruction is built to support diverse learners in the pursuit of understanding and connection.

Our approach to developing understanding and connection is heavily influenced by a theory of learning and thinking, called “constructivism” that is based on the idea that students learn through the process of “constructing” their own understanding of new information and ideas. New ideas are connected to a student’s experiences and existing understanding of the world, in order to create personal and deeper meaning, rather than rote memorization.

To be clear, this theory of learning is neither a theory nor a description of teaching, so no “cookbook” teaching style of instruction exists.

CWC Kansas City will select instructional techniques and materials, and support teachers in adapting and adjusting them to meet the unique needs of all learners.

By ensuring that students are given a variety of different means of learning the material and the opportunity to construct their own understanding, we ensure that all students achieve and realize their full potential.