Program Components

Our middle school model supports the full growth of students. It is designed to meet the social, emotional, cognitive needs of students during this unique period of development and monumental change.

Students’ learning each week is comprised of 5 fundamental components:

  • Learning Fellowship

A daily experience where students meet in a consistent, small group to practice specific social & emotional learning skills, and develop strong relationship within a diverse group.  Examples of modules include learning in mindfulness, leadership, digital citizenship, cultural competency, community service, peer coaching, and study skills.

  • Courses

Students participate in 3 Course sessions in a typical week where they focus on mastering the content of Science and Social Studies.  A project-based approach is used where students will not only be assessed on content knowledge, but on collaboration, global advocacy, and systems thinking skills.

  • Mathematics Lab

There are three aspects of daily math learning:

1. In the first component, students will work individually on an online platform where personalized math instruction can be tailored to meet their specific needs, ensuring each student is receiving the relevant challenge and support.

2.  The second component offers students opportunities to work in collaborative working groups utilizing the powerful curriculum of CPM Mathematics to tackle problem-based math lessons.

3.  The third component provides students the opportunity to work individually or in groups to apply their math knowledge and skills through real-life investigations.  Examples of these projects include a focus on cooking, coding, carpentry, or architecture.

  • Communications Lab

Daily classes in the Communcations Lab include a range of whole class and small group experiences, each carefully planned by the teacher to meet the needs of different learners.  These may include leveled book clubs, socratic seminars, and small group writing projects focused on specific language arts skills.  Students will develop a love of literature, a strong writing voice, research strategies, and confident oral presentation skills.

  • Explorations

Each week, students will participate in core P.E. Music, and Art sessions.  They will also have the opportuntity to select additional "Explorations."  Examples of these include coding, dance, debate, and world languages.  As students progress through the middle school years, they will select more specialized Explorations in order to engage in deep study of a chosen area.