The mission of Citizens of the World Charter Schools – Kansas City (CWC Kansas City) is to provide an excellent public education focused on developing and demonstrating understanding while building connections within a diverse community.

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Challenging and Joyful Learning

Our classrooms are challenging – and joyful – learning environments that engage children through fun projects tailored to their personal experiences, strengths, and needs. Our teachers take the time to get to know each child as an individual. We empower children to think critically and learn to engage respectfully and 
productively with fellow students by developing their capacity to enter into and understand the lives of others. Our goal is for student “success” to include mastery of both content and emotions, so that students can meaningfully connect with each other, be part of any community, and courageously decide who they are in the world and how they want the world to be.


Excellence:  We strive to do our best.

Change:  We roll with change.

Community:  We are engaged in our community.

Diversity:  We respect our differences.

Authenticity:  We dare to be ourselves.