School Uniforms

At CWCKC, we recognize that students need to come to school comfortable and ready for a day of learning.  We believe that a school uniform assists in meeting that goal for all children.  School uniforms can:

    • Eliminate family struggles in the morning around ‘what to wear,’
    • Ensure children are comfortable and able to focus on learning throughout the day,
    • Create a simple and cost-effective clothing option for families,
    • Reduce disparities in an economically diverse community,
    • Encourage children to focus on more meaningful avenues for self-expression

As we begin our new school here in Kansas City, we were committed to ensuring parent feedback and voice in this important decision.  At our first Family Council meeting in April, we received parent input on the benefits, challenges, and specific preferences around school uniforms.  We are grateful to the many families that took the time to share their thoughts and believe our final choice reflects parent opinions very closely.

Below is a visual description of the uniform for Citizens of the World Kansas City.  The focus is on comfort throughout the day, options for warmer or colder weather, and ease of access/affordability for families.  Different garments can be purchased at most major retail outlets – both department stores and discount stores.  Further details will be available in our Family Handbook.



Yellow, White, or Kelly Green polo shirt.  Long- or short-sleeved; no logo or stitching.




Khaki Pants, Shorts, or Skirts



Jumpers are welcome, too.




Yellow, White, or Kelly Green sweater or sweatshirt.  V-neck, crew neck, or button down.

No hoodies; No logos or stitching.


Shoes & Socks

Closed toe, athletic shoes that are appropriate for recess, PE, and other safe movement.

No light-up or wheeled shoes.

White athletic socks, knee socks, tights, anklets, or running socks.